Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snowman hand sewn bag or notebook cover

Season Greetings! I hand sewn this using canvas, first using a rectangle piece of canvas, I ironed the two longer sides to hem, so I can stitch using red embroidery floss to resemble a candy cane. Second, I sew three white buttons in different sizes from small to large, the two smaller one went on the top flap and the bigger button was sewn on the bottom flap. I stitched using black / dark brown thread for the eyes, mouth and hat; red thread was for the shirt and green thread was for shorts or skirt portion. Third, I used a white yarn or you can use cotton to sew the "snow" part. To make this into a notebook cover, sew in papers or if you prefer this to be a bag, stitch up the sides on the bottom flap, along the "candy cane" to make a pouch.  This was donated to Fabrica for their winter sale fundraiser.
December 2012

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